Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bring on the Dancin' Dogs!! We're BACK!!!

It's been a while since we last posted. Much has happened to "Touch of a Paw" over that time.

Getting into my WABAC (pronounced way-back) machine (reference Mr. Peabody of Rocky & Bullwinkle ), I'll recap some of the things that have occurred for everyone.

November was filled with festivals and shows. One of the main ones was in downtown Wilmington. It was Art for the Masses held on 4 floors in the new Bank of America building.Every week we were able to meet more and more people who love their babies (puppies and dogs, of course). They, like us, enjoy talking about their dogs and sharing stories that touch our hearts.

We were as busy as ever in December. Touch of a Paw was in Carolina Beach at the arcade on the boardwalk every Saturday. Our favorite stop was probably at the Tar Heel Weimaraner Rescue Auction and Pictures with Santa at the Dog Club of Wilmington. We enjoyed the steady stream of owners and their dogs on the way to see Santa and have their pictures taken. I must tell you, some of the costumes were a hoot!

The response from everyone, everywhere, has been wonderful. We had people calling wanting us to customize prints for Christmas. Our artist was hard at work right up to Christmas Eve.
It was cool and busy. We mailed our final Christmas present prints as we were leaving to go to Charlotte to see our family. Everyone from the Touch of a Paw family hope you had a wonderful and very merry Christmas!

The New Year started well. The Touch of a Paw gang was invited to show at the Grand Opening for a new Vet's office. You can imagine the number of dogs we got to shake paws with that day. The sweetest sight of the day was when a very large,black mastiff tried to shrink himself to the size of a pug so she would play with him. He was as gentle a baby as you could ever imagine.

And then it happened....THE GREAT COMPUTER CRASH OF 2010!!!!
Gone. Everything was gone, up in smoke. Well, not literally up in smoke, but gone none the less. Dog and animal lover - Yes. Sports enthusiast - Yes. Loving husband - Oh yes! All of these are definitely the case. But, big pause here, Computer Technician - NOT! Late one Saturday night in early January, Swoop, the computer tech wannabe, while trying to clean up some files, overstepped his limits of computer knowledge. He hit the wrong button and ...

like a bolt of lightning, it was all gone. Months of work. Hundreds of files. GONE. I was sick, seriously sick. If you have ever had one, you can commiserate. If you have not, hug your I.T. guy...FAST!!

Well, life did go on. For all of you husbands/computer tech wannabes, find someone that really knows what they are doing. Wives that put as much time, sweat, passion and plain ol' hard work as mine does into her work, like Mother Nature, are not nice to fool around with.

"Puppies are nature's remedy for feeling unloved, plus numerous other ailments of life." - Richard Allan Palm